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Service Prices

Plug Thumb $15   Drill Blank Polyester $35
Plug Fingers $20   Drill Blank Reactive $50
Plug All $30   Re-Drill Plugged Ball $10/hole
Sanding/Polishing $5   Finger Inserts $10
Ball Resurfacing $35   Thumb Slug $15


Demo Bowling Balls

"Try it before you buy it!"  We have a selection of current equipment that we can put in your hands and get you on the lanes to test out before your purchase.  Stop in and see what we have... or contact us to find out which bowling balls we currently have available for demo.


Have questions about any of our services?  Give us a call at (814) 838-7681 or E-Mail us to


Want to know if we carry a specific product?  Fill out our online form and we will let you know if we have it, or how soon we can get it!


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